Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I have edited all of those posts that I can.  Note to self - do all reformatting in some other program.

I was almost run off the road by some idiot on a cell phone who was changing lanes while we were both going through an intersection.  I hate those people. Someone once corrected me when I said that.  They said, "You don't hate the people, you just hate what they are doing." Let me be clear.  I hate those people.  Those people who don't think enough about someone else's life.  Those people who think their need to be somewhere quicker is more important than my life, or the lives of my friends and family, I hate them.

Teaching music tomorrow.  Bringing my trumpet and cornet, as well as the church's hand chime set. That is always fun!

It's late again, but look, two posts in two days!

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