Sunday, December 20, 2009

My First Blog

Well, I have started this blog.  I am still not sure why though.  It was a little daunting getting started.  I mean, I am supposedly doing this because I have something to say? Perhaps some fresh new ideas I would like to share with humanity? Sure! However, it took about 10 trys before I could come up with a domain name that wasn't being used! That didn't give me any reassurance at all.  Perhaps there is a blog out there that already contains everything I will post here! Maybe none of us are actually original? Food for thought.

Let's see, I could try out some stories and such here, but they'd probably be stolen of they were any good at all,  Perhaps I am thinking about it too much. If I feel "The Urge" to write something, fine. If not, fine. I suppose it is only for me anyway.  Okay, now I feel like I am just talking to myself. Hmmm... this could get interesting - for me anyway. There again, it is for me that I write anything anyway.  I have some laundry to put in the dryer. Gotta go.  Hopefully this will amount to something other than mad rantings that my daughter will be able to use later in my life in order to have me committed.